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About us

Calixto Advisors is a law firm that is based in the United States rendering legal services locally and internationally in many areas of the law, including immigration, consulting services, and corporate law.

With commitment and responsibility, our clients feel safe knowing their legal matters are handled by a serious law firm that produces positive results for each client.

Our team is both ethnically and culturally diverse and well suited to provide advice and services in variety of languages, including English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Areas of specialization


Calixto Advisors is a law firm that is based in the United States rendering legal services locally and internationally in many areas of the law, including immigration, consulting, and corporate law.

Below you will find a complete list of services that our firm offers. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services!


Calixto Advisors provides legal advice on various matters related to companies, for national and international clients including incorporation, listing and delisting, mergers and acquisitions, and shareholders’ rights.

Regardless of the size of the legal entity, our team strategically evaluates each case and offers complete services to serve our clients.

The goal of Calixto Advisors is to properly serve and find legal solutions for each,  assisting our clients in the growth and success of their companies.

Tax Planning Pre and Post Immigration

Calixto Advisors analyzes the wealth of individuals who intend to or who have already immigrated to the USA, seeking to offer solutions to mitigate the tax burden from a scenario of US tax residency or even multiple residency for tax purposes.


Calixto Advisors provides consulting services to advise its clients on different business processes, including opening a branch in the United States, making international investments, expanding in the area of ​​research, and resolving issues such as documentation and inheritance.

Our team identifies the most relevant points in each case and provides immediate, complete, and detailed advice to assist each client in making business decisions.

Immigration /
American visas


Green card through special skills


Green card for professionals well qualified or of national interest


Green card through American employer


Visa to live and work in the USA by transfer between companies


Visa to live and work in the USA through investment


Green card through investment


Temporary visa for students


Visa reserved for international students attending vocational schools and technical schools


Visa for the foreign-citizen fiancé(e) of a United States citizen

Our Team

Paul Calixto JD, LLM

General Manager
Attorney Paulo Calixto is admitted to practice law in Texas, New York, the US Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and in Brazil. Paulo Calixto earned his Juris Doctor and LL.M from SMU Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. He attained his Bachelor of Laws degree from University Mackenzie, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Altieris Santana, MBA

General Manager

Mr. Altieris Santana holds an MBA concentration in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University since 2012. His background experience has made him a valuable asset to the Calixto Advisors team. Mr. Santana received an honorary membership to the exclusive Sigma, Beta, and Delta Society of USA in 2013. He has experience in management, finance, international market, marketing, and asset management. 

Monica Milagros Narvaez

Senior Paralegal

Monica is a new addition to the Calixto Advisors team in Dallas, Texas. She brings 16 years of experience in handling a variety of immigration based cases such as adjustment of status, naturalization, vawa, consular processing and most recently focusing on provisional waivers and employment based petitions. She speaks fluent English and Spanish; and beginners Portuguese. Monica is native of Mexico and her desire to help families through this process stems from enduring the process herself.

Carmen Davila


Has been working in the law field for over 8 years. Assisting in handling a variety of cases with immigration and day to day office tasks. Has experience in handling cases from many regions including European, Middle East, South America, and so forth.
Her abilities to handle cases with a timely and efficient manner makes her a vital asset to the Calixto Advisors Team. Carmen’s language skill set and ability to communicate with the clients makes her approachable and helpful.
Carmen’s Hispanic background drive her passion to work with family’s to stay together.

Lauren Camin-Calixto

Legal Assistant

Lauren Camin-Calixto is a Legal Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University. She has experience in Youth Advocacy and Education. She is fluent in English and Portuguese.

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